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Screen Printing Emulsions

All Screen Printers need Emulsion; it's your Secret to exposure and printing success. Regardless of the type of screen printing you specialize in, or the type of screen exposure unit you use, Lawson has the right direct emulsion for you. We sell all the different types of screen printing emulsion available. Lawson offers super fast exposing emulsion, solvent-resist emulsion, water-resistant emulsion, and even film-applied emulsion - we have it all. Check out the entire line of screen emulsions (and CDF films too) offered by Lawson. If you don't know what you want, call 314-382-9300 for one of our screen printing exposure experts to help select an emulsion for your particular needs.

CAUTION: Some Emulsions can FREEZE during shipment. If you do not understand about the "freezing issue", please call us at 800-325-8317 for information on this subject. Lawson can not be responsible for damages due to freezing.

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