Screen Printing Emulsions

Emulsion is a light-sensitive liquid substance that creates an ink-resistant border around your image. Since all emulsion is light-sensitive, application should be done in a darkroom or under ultra-violet (U.V.) safe lights. Before application, it is ideal to prep your screen by abrading and degreasing.

All Screen Printers need Emulsion; it's your secret to exposure and printing success. Regardless of the type of screen printing you specialize in, or the type of screen exposure unit you use, Lawson has the right direct emulsion for you. We sell all the different types of screen printing emulsions available.  

Capillary Film - Also known as Direct Film (or Screen Printing Emulsion Sheets), this emulsion sheet has a precise thickness. Apply to a wet screen. Capillary Film offers very good resolution and definition. Capillary Film is durable for long print runs.

Photopolymer Emulsion - This pre-sensitized emulsion exposes fast with a smaller exposure latitude. Can create thick E.O.M. (emulsion over mesh) for thick stencils.

Dual-Cure Emulsion - This emulsion uses two sensitizes to give better stencil strength and imaging. Dual Cure emulsions have high solid contents, wide exposure latitude and high resolution.

Water Resistant Emulsion - For screen printers using water-based screen printing ink, a water-resistant emulsion is necessary.
Diazo Emulsiona good emulsion choice for most screen printing applications. Can be used with solvent based inks

Need help finding the best emulsion, call 314-382-9300 for one of our screen printing exposure experts to help select an emulsion for your particular needs. For more tips and suggestions articles refer to our Lawson Screen & Digital Equipment page or our blog Emulsion Tips and Information

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