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    Ulano CDF Vision-35 Capillary Film


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    Ulano CDF Vision-35 Capillary Film | Dual Cure

    Sold only in cases of 6 rolls

    CDF Vision is a diazo dual-cure capillary film system. Its special formulation controls mesh penetration and forms and enhanced cross-linking "matrix" during exposure, resulting in sharp printing shoulders and mechanical durability. Particulate-size control reduces granularity effects for optimal resolution and definition. Texturing agents impart a micro-structural pattern to the bottom of the stencil, reducing adverse effects from high and lower humidity during printing.
    CDF Vision is compatible with UVs, vinyls, and virtually all solvent-based inks. Depending on the thickness selected, it is suited to such printing applications as: electronics, circuit traces, membrane switches, halftones, CDs and DVDs, ceramic decals, posters, and containers and bottles.

    CDF Vision-35 is recommended for mesh counts of 70 – 110/cm. (180 – 280/inch)

    • 208-102-2-RL 25" x 394"
    • 208-203-2-RL 42" x 394"
    • 208-203-3-RL 50" x 394"

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