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About Lawson Screen and Digital Products, Inc.

Pioneers in the Screen Printing Industry Since 1949


Lawson was founded in 1949 in St. Louis, Missouri. It was a big year in the history of U.S. business and industry. An American-made gold missile blew up 250 miles above White Sands, New Mexico, the highest altitude ever achieved. A record number of cars (6,000,000) rolled off the assembly lines. The Lucky Lady II, completed the first nonstop flight around the world, refueling in the air four times. That same year Gene Landesman invented the first "Powered Squeegee", an automated flat-bed graphic/screen printing press to print decals and labels.

Over the years, we have grown to become the Lawson Screen & Digital Products, Inc that so many screen printers have come to know and trust. Although we have not broken any altitude records or circumnavigated the globe, in our own way, the people of Lawson have achieved significant milestones. Perhaps the most important is that after decades manufacturing screen printing equipment and delivering screen printing materials and supplies, we are still here to serve out longtime customers, and we are stronger than ever. We are even better able to meet your needs, whether you have been a Lawson customer for years or are looking for a partner who will still be around next year and the year after. Our history is on your side.

The people of Lawson have achieved significant milestones since 1949. Perhaps the most important is that after decades of pioneering the automated press and developing energy-efficient drying systems, and delivering screen printing materials and supplies, we are still here to serve our longtime customers, and we are stronger than ever. Lawson is a company of people who care, and that's why Lawson offers "Peace of Mind" with every purchase!

Enjoy a few gems of Lawson History:

Why Lawson

We will tell you why. Being in business as long as we have gives us a unique perspective on the screen printing industry. We have seen this industry grow from bare bones manual printing, to the age of automation. We have worked diligently using technology to its fullest potential, to push our engineers to revolutionize, to innovate the industry. Our 65 years of experience means we know what we are doing, and we have a clear understanding of where we are going. Our passion for service and excellence in what we do, puts us at the fore front of this industry.

An industry as volatile as screen printing, survival and success depend on service. Our industry is comprised of a wide range of screen-printing companies, from those employing only a few family members to those with hundreds of workers operating textile or graphics presses around the clock. Our job is to satisfy the needs of every screen printer we serve, no matter how large or small. We strive to provide all our customers with dependable, affordable equipment that fits with their printing requirements, along with materials and supplies of the highest quality, and technical support and service that are second to none. We believe this combination of technological capabilities and superior service creates values our customers can appreciate.

What To Expect With Lawson

You can expect a professional experience if you decide to work with us. We will fully evaluate what we can do to help you, understand your unique challenges and do our absolute best to make your work easier, while being more productive and profitable. The fact is, our business relies on the success of your business. We take this approach very seriously, knowing that the better we do for you, the better you will do for your customer, and in return will continue to do business with us.

Take the first step, get in touch with one of our associates today, and let's do some business together.