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Ulano QLT Ultra-Fast-Exposing SBQ-Photopolymer Emulsion


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Ulano QLT Ultra-Fast-Exposing SBQ-Photopolymer Emulsion | Ultra-Fast

Its high solids content (≈ 43%) allows a thick build per coat, reducing the number of coats over conventional emulsions, and facilitates quick drying; its exceptional photo-sensitivity reduces exposure time—and will be of interest to low volume printers with weak light sources. Stencils made with QLT are extremely wear resistant and will not become tacky under high humidity conditions. Its high viscosity (≈ 7200 CPS) provides good coating control. Its high contrast blue color affords easy stencil inspection. QLT is resistant to plastisol inks and most washup solvents, making it easy to reclaim in automatic stencil removal equipment or by hand.


  • Very fast exposing
    • fast stencil throughput for high volume shops
    • can be used with weak light sources
  • High (≈ 43%) solids content
    • dries quickly
    • will not become tacky under high humidity conditions
    • better mesh bridging on coarse screens
    • lower Rz value yields sharper printed edges
  • High viscosity (≈ 7200 cps)
    • easier to control during coating
  • Resists plastisols and most washup solvents
    • easy to reclaim with automatic equipment or by hand
  • High contrast blue color
    • easy stencil inspection, even on colored mesh
  • Shelf life
    • unopened: 6 months at 68º F. (20º C.)
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