Ulano Blue Emulsion


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Ulano Blue Screen Printing Photopolymer Emulsion

Blue is a ready-to-use, extremely-fast-exposing SBQ-photopolymer direct emulsion formulated for imprinted sportswear printing. It resists plastisol inks—including newer, more aggressive, post-phthalate plastisols—and most wash-up solvents, making it exceptionally easy to reclaim in automatic equipment or by hand.

Blue is especially efficient with fixed or scanning LED units, as well as with fluorescent tubes or other low intensity light sources, or in shops that need high stencil making throughput. It has high viscosity (6,000 – 8,000 centipoise) that improves control when coating screens by hand. It affords exceptional EOM (emulsion over mesh thickness) build per coat, better mesh bridging--especially on coarse mesh--good edge definition, and fast drying. Blue silk screen stencils are durable, will not become tacky under high humidity conditions, have excellent wet strength, and are easy to wash out.

A great alternative to Chromoline Blue that doesn't break down with pinholes as often and exposes faster.


Ultra fast exposing

  • Exposure-effiecient with fixed or scanning LED units
  • Fast stencil throughput for high volume shops
  • Assures through exposure, even with weak light sources
  • Dependable polymerization assures durability and ink resistance

High (6,000 - 8,000 centipoise) viscosity

  • Exceptional plastisols (including aggressive post-phthalates) and most wash-up solvents

Easy Washout

Shelf Life: unopened, 1 year at 70 degrees Fahrenheit

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