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    Ulano QTX (Pink) Emulsion


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    Ulano QTX (Pink) Emulsion | Faster Exposure

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    QTX is a pre-sensitized, ready-to-coat, SBQ photopolymer emulsion. SBQ means exposure 5 times (5X) faster than diazo emulsions like Ulano 569 and pre-sensitized shelf life up to 18 months. Any exposure bulb lasts longer if you use it less! Ultra-fast exposure is designed for imprinted sportswear screens using fluorescent exposure units. 48% solids means excellent bridging of coarse fabric and fast drying. QTX resists plastisol and water-based textile inks, is extremely durable and reclaims easily, but do not wash it with strong solvents.

    Lawson screen print do not freeze penguinCAUTION: Some emulsions can FREEZE during shipment. If you do not understand about the "freezing issue", please call us at 800-325-8317 for information on this subject. Lawson can not be responsible for damages due to freezing.

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