Ulano EZ-FILM Capillary Film


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Ulano EZ-FILM offers significant savings in labor and production time over liquid emulsion. So for the same overall cost of coating a screen — or less—shops can upgrade to the convenience of film with these pre-coated screen printing emulsion sheets.

EZ-FILM makes it easy to produce perfect stencils quickly, consistently, and with no mess or waste. With our factory-controlled emulsion thickness, EZ-FILM’s exposure time is always the same, and (with the same mesh count) so are stencil thickness and ink deposit. Gain consistency when applying emulsion to your screen so you have the same emulsion over mesh (EOM) every time. Having the same emulsion thickness on your screen printing frames provides a higher quality stencil and deposits a consistent amount of plastisol and water-based screen printing inks.

EZ-FILM-50 (50 microns) is recommended for use with mesh counts ranging from 86 - 196 threads/ inch (33 - 77 threads/cm.). It is fast exposing, and a pure photopolymer (SBQ) textile capillary film coated in 300 gauge matte polyester. EZ-50 Orange can be adhered with plain water, or with direct emulsion in the direct/indirect mode.

EZ-FILM-30 is ideal for mesh counts ranging from 230 - 419 threads /inch (90 and 165/cm.). Keep in mind that this film is designed for plastisol ink and should be used with non-aggressive solvent-based inks and mild wash-up solvents. Screen openers and aggressive solvents will make screen reclaiming more difficult.


Orange, high-contrast “masking” color

  • Reduces halation (light scattering), thus improving resolution and definition
  • Saves mesh costs: use white instead of more-expensive dyed mesh
  • Perfect stencil inspection and see-through registration

Super-fast processing and exposure:

  • Dries faster than direct emulsion
  • Fast stencil turn-around
  • Significantly less labor and production time

Easy to use:

  • Minimal training needed
  • Wide processing latitude
  • Perfect stencils—every time.


  • Consistent stencil thickness
  • Control of ink deposit—and ink costs
  • significantly less labor and production time

Wet processing:

  • Reduced potential for pinholes
  • Speeds production

Pre-packaged sheets: Convenient, No mess, No waste.

Transparent magenta color: Easy inspection and registration.

EZ-FILM pre-cut sheets are 15” X 17” (≈ 38 X 43 cm) and 17” X 24” (≈ 43 X 60.9 cm), packaged 50 per box

Sizes 17" x 24" only sold in quantities of 4. Call to Order.

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