Ulano EZ-FILM Capillary Film


  • $92.99

Ulano EZ-FILM offers significant savings in labor and production time over emulsion. So for the same overall cost of coating a screen — or less!—shops can upgrade to the convenience of film.

EZ-FILM makes it easy to produce perfect stencils quickly, consistently, and with no mess or waste. With our factory-controlled emulsion thickness, EZ-FILM’s exposure time is always the same, and (with the same mesh count) so are stencil thickness and ink deposit.

EZ-FILM-50 (50 microns) is recommended for use with mesh counts ranging from 86 - 196 threads/ inch (33 - 77 threads/cm.). It is fast exposing, and a pure photopolymer (SBQ) textile capillary film coated in 300 gauge matte polyester. EZ-50 Orange can be adhered with plain water, or with direct emulsion in the direct/indirect mode.

EZ-FILM-30 is ideal for mesh counts ranging from 230 - 419 threads /inch (90 and 165/cm.). Keep in mind that this film is designed for plastisol ink and should be used with non-aggressive solvent-based inks and mild wash-up solvents. Screen openers and aggressive solvents will make screen reclaiming more difficult.


Orange, high-contrast “masking” color

  • Reduces halation (light scattering), thus improving resolution and definition
  • Saves mesh costs: use white instead of more-expensive dyed mesh
  • Perfect stencil inspection and see-through registration

Super-fast processing and exposure:

  • Dries faster than direct emulsion
  • Fast stencil turn-around
  • Significantly less labor and production time

Easy to use:

  • Minimal training needed
  • Wide processing latitude
  • Perfect stencils—every time.


  • Consistent stencil thickness
  • Control of ink deposit—and ink costs
  • significantly less labor and production time

Wet processing:

  • Reduced potential for pinholes
  • Speeds production

Pre-packaged sheets: Convenient, No mess, No waste.

Transparent magenta color: Easy inspection and registration.

EZ-FILM pre-cut sheets are 15” X 17” (≈ 38 X 43 cm) and 17” X 24” (≈ 43 X 60.9 cm), packaged 50 per box (2 X 25)

Sizes 17" x 24" only sold in quantities of 4. Call to Order.

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