Screen Printing Material Safety Data Sheets

SDS Sheets

Lawson Screen and Digital provides Material Safety Data Sheets for all their screen printing chemicals sold. Carefully read through a product's safety sheet before purchasing to be prepared. We always recommend using gloves and goggles when handling chemicals.


C5 Screen Wash
C7 Screen Wash
Dual-Cure 310 CLEAR Emulsion
Dual-Cure 310 CLEAR Emulsion Additive
SBQ-1077 Red Emulsion - SDS
SBQ-500 Emulsion
SBQ-501 Emulsion
ER-110 Concentrated Emulsion Remover -SDS
LSP Red-Coat Blockout
HR-2020 Haze & Image Remover
HR-2001 Haze & Image Remover SDS
ID-Citra-Clean Textile Ink Degradent
ID-SC Ink Degradent
ID-200 Universal Ink Degradent
ID-210 Aqua Wash Concentrate 
ID-320 Graphic Ink Degradent
ID-360 Ink and Stain Remover
ID-GR9 Graphic Ink Degradent
Methylene Chloride SDS
IR-303 Premium Spot Remover - SDS
LW-2555 Screen Wash SDS
VF-184 Screen Wash
MD-100 Mesh Degreaser - SDS
PW-300 Universal Press Wash
PW-305 Press Wash
PW-485 Universal Press Wash
PW-ID LSP-701 Ultra Wash
PW-RC5 Press Wash
GA-60 Circulating Wash
Squeegee Solv
Kleen Screen Stencil Remover Crystals
SR-45 Concentrated Stencil Remover SDS
SR-50 Concentrated Stencil Remover
One-Step Clean Dip Solution - SDS
Clog Buster Aerosol - SDS
Tex-Tite #1 Mist Adhesive - SDS
Tex-Tite #2 Web Adhesive - SDS
Tex-Tite #3 Flash Adhesive - SDS
Viper Flash Adhesive - SDS
Lawson Pro-Tac Platen Adhesive - SDS
Orange Punch 
Magic Clean 485
Water-Resist Ink Jet Film
Focus-CTS Ink - SDS

Multi-Tech Ink & Pretreat Solution
Dynamic Ink Series - All Whites - SDS
Dynamic Ink Series RFU - All Colors - SDS
Dynamic Ink Series Low Bleed - All Colors - SDS
MCO White Ink Series - SDS
Multi-Choice Inks - SDS 
Multi-Match Ink Series - SDS
MC & MCO Bases
Multi-Puff, Multi-Density, Multi-Transfer & Multi-Suede
MSB-Clear - SDS
Multi-Soft, MSB, Mesh Glossy, Mesh, Team Mesh, HD-101 Clear, Balanced Reducer
Dulling Powder
Plasticizer 10
Reducer#1/Thinner PL - SDS
Reducer#4/Thinner DT - SDS
Thickener Paste
Magic Spray White Pretreat
Magic Spray White II Pretreat
Magic Spray - CMYK
Image Lock Concentrate SDS
Image Lock RFU Pretreat
Image Lock Bro
Multi-Tech EJ-HV CYAN Pigment Ink
Multi-Tech EJ-HV MAGENTA Pigment Ink
Multi-Tech EJ-HV YELLOW Pigment Ink
Multi-Tech EJ-HV BLACK Pigment Ink
FastINK or HD or Digital Ink Cleaning Solution
EJ-CTS Black Ink
WOW Series Inks - SDS

Monarch Ink
Legion Color Series PolySport Plastisol Ink
Legion White Series PolySport Plastisol Ink

Lawson - POSink
for Film Output
(Epson)/US Screen
POSink Cyan Textile
POSink Lt. Cyan Textile
POSink Magenta Textile
POSink Lt. Magenta Textile
POSink Yellow Textile
POSink Black Textile
POSink Lt. Black Textile

Lawson - TEXink3/Fast INK3/US Screen 
FastINK White Pigment Ink 
FastINK3™ Black Pigment Ink
FastINK3™ Cyan Pigment Ink
FastINK3™ Magenta Pigment Ink
FastINK3™ Yellow Pigment Ink
FastINK HD Cleaning Solution
FastINK Pretreatment 
FastINK Non-Textile Pretreatment
FastCOLOR Pretreatment 
FastBRIGHT Pretreatment for Textile Pigment Ink