Ulano SBQ-500 Screen Printing Emulsion

    Lawson SBQ-500 Emulsion (red)

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    Lawson SBQ-500 Emulsion (red) | Ready to use, super fast exposing screen printing SBQ emulsion

    Lawson SBQ-500 Emulsion (red) has a fair exposure latitude for high resolution stencils, even in high humidity. The Lawson SBQ-500 is designed for textile printing. Pre-sensitized for ease of use and maximum convenience. 42% solids - Can be difficult to reclaim if underexposed, and/or if you use a harsh press wash or other harsh screen printing materials.

    Estimated Shelf Life: 6 Months

    Tech Tip:
    We recommend the use of PW-305 as the press wash to remove plastisol ink from the silk screen frame. If you want to reclaim the screen, do so immediately after using.

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    Lawson Freeze PenguinCAUTION: Some emulsions can FREEZE during shipment. If you do not understand about the "freezing issue", please call us at 1-314-382-9300 for information on this subject. Lawson can not be responsible for damages due to freezing.

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