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Screen Printing Classes

Lawson Screen & Digital offers screen printing classes in St. Louis, MO and in Atlanta, GA. Learn how to screen print from our on staff professionals. Learn about the printing process from start to finish and get hands-on t-shirt printing experience. Students will take home Lawson's "Garment Printing made Easy" workbook, and shop setup suggestions. Each class is offered monthly.

St. Louis Textile Tech
This intensive two day screen printing workshop takes place over a Friday and Saturday from 8:30AM - 5PM. We provide donuts and coffee in the morning, and lunch each day. Due to COVID-19 health code procedures, we are temporarily making this class a one day event
and limiting our class size to a maximum of 5 people on Friday and a maximum of 5 people on Saturday.

Atlanta Textile Tech
This is a one day class that takes place Friday from 8AM - 4:30PM. This class is limited to 3 students for optimal learning.

Screen printing school

Covered In This Course

  • Guidelines for T-shirt design and separation
  • Screen mesh selection and stretching
  • Capillary film and direct emulsion coating
  • Exposure calculation
  • Ink preparation and mixing for different colored shirts
  • Dryer and press settings
  • Press setup & registration
  • Production and shop setup techniques
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Screen and ink cleanup
  • Remove stencil from mesh
  • General troubleshooting
  • Extensive Q & A's

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