Photopolymer Emulsions

Photopolymer screen printing emulsion is pre-sensitized. This means that photopolymer emulsions are a premixed emulsion, ready to use out of the bucket.  Since it exposes fast, there is a little less exposure latitude (exposure forgiveness) it is important to use an Kiwo exposure calculator to get the correct exposure time.  

Screen Printers like using photopolymer to create thick stencil meshes because of the high E.O.M (emulsion over mesh) that can be achieved with these photopolymer emulsions.

Lawson Screen & Digital Products offers different color of emulsions for preference, emulsions best for printing halftones, and screen printing emulsion that is easy to reclaim.

Photopolymer screen printing emulsion is:

  • Easy-to-Use
  • Pre-Sensitized Hi-Resolution
  • Fast Exposing
  • Ideal for the Beginner and Hi-Quality Professional
  • Long Shelf Life

*Do not ship when freezing*