Our Aerosols and Adhesives are specifically designed for the screen printing professional. Lawson screen print aerosol adhesive spray keep your shirts in place when printing and are easy and safe to use. Try out the Tex-Tite #2 Web Spray Platen Adhesive; it's great for sweats and materials that need a strong adhesive hold - good for both manual and automatic printing applications. Clean up screens and platens with our Clog Buster Screen Opener. It's super strong so you don't need to scrub and it works and drys fast. Keep your exposure unit glass spotless with our "no drip" Foam Streak-Free Glass Cleaner. Whether you are looking for the perfect screen printing spray adhesive or a simple Anti-Static Spray to keep the static bunnies away, Lawson has what you need for all your screen printing press, platen and exposure aerosol needs.