Tex-Tite #1 Platen Mist Spray Adhesive

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    • $8.36


    Tex-Tite #1 Platen Mist Spray Adhesive is the perfect screen printing spray adhesive for T-Shirt printers.

    Our most popular silk screen spray adhesive, this is a "mist" type of spray that will not transfer to garments. It's also called "all-purpose" and "regular" adhesive, and is the most common type of aerosol adhesive spray. It's convenient, relatively inexpensive, and it's fairly long lasting.

    Formulated to secure each garment, t-shirt, or other items to the platen or surface for ease of silk screen printing without any sticky residue left on your garment. Use an even coat on your platens with Lawson Tex-Tite #1 spray adhesive to avoid ghost printing and registration flaws during silk screen printing.

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    Demonstration of the Tex-Tite #1 Spray Adhesive is used and compared to a water base adhesive, such as the Pro-Tac pallet adhesive alternative.

    Due to supply chain delays, orders for Tex-Tite #1 may be substituted with a comparable product. All substitute products have been tested for effectiveness.