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Pro-Tac Platen Adhesive

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Lawson Pro-Tac pallet adhesive is a water-based, pressure sensitive adhesive designed for adhering textiles to pallets in the screen printing process. A single application may hold hundreds of garments before it is necessary to reapply; 1 gallon is equal to 4-5 cases of aerosol sprays. Lawson Pro-Tac can be easily removed from the pallet with warm water. No more chemical usage on your platens. This product works best when using a flash unit. The great advantage of using the Lawson Pro-Tac is there is no over spray that goes all over your shop and it is a "Green" Product.

Lawson Pro-Tac Platen Adhesive Facts

  • Guaranteed to Save-You-Money
  • Keep Your Shop Clean
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Long-Lasting - Can Remain Tacky All Day
  • Good for Both Standard and Flashing Applications
  • Guaranteed to Save-You-Money

Additional Information 
Click Here for the SDS on the Lawson Pro-Tac Platen Adhesive

Lawson Caution Penguin

CAUTION: This product can FREEZE during shipment. If you do not understand about the "freezing issue", please call us at 800-325-8317 for information on this subject. Lawson can not be responsible for damages due to freezing.

Applying Pro Tac is very simple and easy, here are some tips...

There are two ways you can apply Pro Tac, directly to your pallet or by covering your pallet with pallet tape first. Then you apply a thin layer of Pro Tac by using a squeegee card, paint brush, or spray bottle. A thicker layer of Pro Tac may be needed for heavier material items.

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