Tex-Bond Adhesive & Activator for Mesh Frames

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $44.49

Tex-Bond Adhesive & Activator for Mesh Frames | One Strong Mesh Glue

Instant frame/mesh adhesive for stretching and re-meshing your own frames. Use this strong mesh glue and quick activator for screen printing frame and mesh stretching. Works on all frame sizes and mesh counts. Apply any mesh count mesh to your wooden and aluminum frames.

You can buy the adhesive and activator separately, or save money with the Tex-Bond Kit that includes the adhesive and activator.

To Use:
After stretching mesh on your frame, apply adhesive all over the frame where it is in contact with the mesh. Next, spray activator onto the adhesive. This causes the adhesive to cure in seconds!

Additional Information
Tex-Bond Adhesive SDS
Tex-Bond Activator Aerosol SDS