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610 Silicone Platen Adhesive Spray


  • $6.68

610 Silicone Release Spray prevents sticking in gluing, sealing and molding operations. 

Applications: Camie 610 is a universal plastic mold release agent. Prevents adhesion of tape, glue, rubber, wax, and other sticky material on non-porous substrates.

Container Size: 20 Fluid Ounce Can

Product Description: Silicone Release Spray

New Weight: 11 Ounces

Can Per Case: 12 cans

Appearance: Colorless Non-Staining Liquid

Odor: Mild, solvent when wet; Odorless when dry

Heat Resistance: -40° F - 500° F

Spray Pattern: Dry Conical Mist


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