Camie 610 Silicone Release Spray

Camie 610 Silicone Release Spray


  • $6.68

610 Silicone Release Spray prevents sticking in gluing, sealing and molding operations. This lubricant is used on printing machinery so that you get an effortless slide, or glide with less friction.

Applications: Camie 610 is a universal plastic mold release agent. Prevents adhesion of tape, glue, rubber, wax, and other sticky material on non-porous substrates.

Container Size: 20 Fluid Ounce Can

Product Description: Silicone Release Spray

New Weight: 11 Ounces

Can Per Case: 12 cans

Appearance: Colorless Non-Staining Liquid

Odor: Mild, solvent when wet; Odorless when dry

Heat Resistance: -40° F - 500° F

Spray Pattern: Dry Conical Mist


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