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Tex-Tite #2 Screen Print Platen Web Adhesive

Tex-Tite #2 Web Spray Platen Adhesive

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $6.45

Tex-Tite #2 is a web spray adhesive. Fast tack adhesive recommended for use with automatic presses, or when extra tack hold-down is desired. Great for sweats.

This aerosol adhesive is thicker than the mist type and comes out of the can like a spider's web, which makes it suitable for fleece and heavyweight garments. The web spray is for any material that has an irregular surface. It sprays a thick web that's three-dimensional and puffy, and it grabs the material.

The application instruction: Shake the can, hold it about 16 inches away from the platen, and spray a quick mist. Wait a few seconds so that the adhesive gets tacky, then load the garment onto the platen