Specialty Materials Wild Fashion Prints

    Specialty Materials

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    Specialty Materials Wild Fashion Prints | Step Away From Ordinary

    Wild Fashion Prints are for cotton, polyester knits, and cotton-polyester blends. Print in reverse and transfer at high transfer temperature 325°F - 340°F with firm pressure for moderate dwell time (12-15 seconds). Peel cold. To wash, turn garment inside out, use cold water and tumble low.

    *No nylon, dazzle cloth, shiny polyester or moisture-wicking materials.

    •  FP-1011 Camo
    •  FP-1031 Denim
    •  FP-1041 Cobra
    •  FP-1202 Blue Camo
    •  FP-1051 Techno
    •  FP-1240 Neon Zebra Green
    •  FP-1210 Neon Zebra Pink
    •  FP-1301 Basketball
    •  FP-1302 Red Leather
    •  FP-1303 Brown Leather
    •  VIB-100 Vibe Mesh White
    •  VIB-200 Vibe Mesh Silver
    •  VIB-300 Vibe Mesh Gold
    •  PER-100 Breatheasyflex White
    •  PER-236 Breatheasyflex Black
    •  PER-843 Breatheasyflex Gold