MZX Manual Textile Starter Kit

Newman Roller Frame - MZX Manual Textile Starter Kit


  • $1,628.66

This is a great screen printing frame and supply item if you want the best screen prints. Good screen printing frames must remain flat and square under the force of high mesh tension and squeegee pressure. With even the best manual and automatic screen printing frames, the mesh fibers relax when squeegee pressure is applied. Loss is screen tension is bad and causes image distortion, mis-registration, blurred edges, color shifts, dot gain, uneven emulsion coating excessive ink build-up on the frames and more.

Newman Roller Frames from Lawson can be re-tensioned after each screen printing job to ensure you always have tight mesh on your screen printing frame. Printing with a high tension frame provides better print equality and improved efficiency. 

In addition to frames the Newman Roller Frame - MZX Manual Textile Starter Kit also includes all of the following items:

  • (1) Newman Tension Meter 2E
  • (1) Tool Kit
  • (1) Pkg. Alignment Clips
  • (2) Corner Softening Tools
  • (1) roll Newman Red Flex Tape
  • (1) roll 2" Newman Yellow Tape
  • (1) roll 16" Newman Pallet Protection Tape
  • (12) Sets of Fabric Protectors.
It is recommended to measure screen tension after reclaiming your screen. We recommended re-tensioning your Lawson Newman Roller Frame if it has lost 2 or more Newtons/cm.