Express-Jet CTS v5

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    The Lawson Express-Jet CTS v5 is a robust industrial computer-to-screen imaging system that features a moving gantry, along with the RIP software necessary to image any size screen up to 25" x 36" O.D. Lawson's master frame carrier adjusts to fit all the standard frame sizes (20" x 24", 20" x 28", 23" x 31", 25" x 36") and any profile frame as well (square or roller or pin).

    Hi-Definition Screen Imaging for the Garment or Commercial Printer

    The Lawson Express-Jet CTS v5 is an easy-to-use industrial ink jet printer. It is shipped fully assembled, and can be ready to print within hours after arrival in your shop.

    By incorporating Ricoh Gen V print head technology you can print halftones up to 65 - 85 line, select your dot shape, resolution and ink deposit. Black dye, with special UV inhibitors, ensures a dark, crisp image every time on almost all emulsions. Image quality is superior to the older model Ricoh Gen IV print heads.

    You will achieve nearly instant "on-press" registration with Lawson's 3-Point Register Guide, the M&R Tri-Loc or other systems.