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900LF - Nylon Jacket Ink Catalyst

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Nylon jacket threads are woven very tightly to resist wind and water, but that also makes it hard for plastisol ink to stick. Nylon jackets need a catalyst you mix into your ink just before you print. It's an adhesive that hardens so your ink has to be used in less than 4 hours. This is not a substitute for heat curing, you still have to cure your plastisol ink according to the manufacturers instructions.

Catalyst to Ink Ratios:
By Volume = 16 parts of ink color to 1 part of 900 Catalyst.
By Weight = 20 parts of ink color to 1 part of 900 Catalyst.

*Mixing by weight is highly recommended
*Use ink immediately after mixing
*Do not under catalyze
*The mixed ink pot life of mixed ink is 4 to 8 hours

Store your catalyst bottle upside down in a warm dry area. Moisture in the air makes the catalyst harden. On the shelf, any moisture inside the bottle that does harden the catalyst will be on the bottom of the bottle - when you pour from the top. If the room and catalyst are warm it will pour easily. When re-sealing your bottle, place a small piece of plastic food wrap over the opening before you tighten the cap and it won't stick to the bottle.

Over catalyzation will shorten life of ink