Named 2008 Parmele Award Recipients

2008 SGIA Parmele

The brothers who serve as Co-Presidents of Lawson Screen & Digital Products, Inc. were selected for their pioneering industry contributions. Both started working for their family-owned screen printing equipment manufacturing business.


Ben and David both are longtime SGIA member, in the 1970's.The company was then run by their father, and 1989 Parmele Award winner, Eugene Landesman.

Ben and David Landesman continued their father's industry pursuits by developing:

  • The first affordable "flash unit" for the manual textile trade

  • The first "bench model" infrared dryer

  • Hands-on, screen printing education for industry beginners

  • Along with a wide variety of innovative screen printing-related inventions.

The Landesman brothers also have been heavily involved in SGIA's activities by serving on several of the Association's committees as well as donating services and equipment to SGIA's Screen Printing Technical Foundation. In addition to the Parmele Award, they have been honored with Magnus Award, Award of Excellence, Fellows Award and Outstanding Service Award.

"David and Ben's involvement in the industry and with SGIA through their work at Lawson Screen & Digital Products made them the perfect duo for the Parmele Award, "said SGIA President/CEO Michael Robertson. "They have promoted truly forward-thinking technologies and processes while contributing to the specialty imaging industry's overall growth."

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