Why Buy A Trooper?

Why Buy A Lawson Trooper


1. Designed for the First-Time Automatic User: The Lawson Trooper is a unique press because it was specifically designed for the first-time automatic user. The Trooper addresses the special needs of the niche and smaller printer. For example, we know simplicity, ease of operation, safety and minimal maintenance are critical to the success of the smaller printer. As a result, the Trooper incorporates features like a hand-held portable mini-control box and combines many familiar features of manual printing with the ease and benefits of automation. For example, the manual rotation option of the carousel allows for specialty printing, flashing, cooling and even backward rotation of the carousel on demand. This allows for easy inspection of a print or correction of a missing or misaligned shirt. Its intuitive design allows the operator to be in total control. No fancy computers or complicated electricity to hook-up (the VC is an air-operated press, and uses a standard 120 volt cord and plug). We understand your hesitancy, concern and many issues and questions you must have answered. That's why the Trooper comes with a complete set of "get-ready instructions", a comprehensive owner's manual, an installation videotape and toll-free technical support.

2. Easy to Install: The Trooper is easy to install. The "base unit", platens and print heads can be "self-installed", with no special training or mechanical ability, in less than four hours. Leveling the base and platens, setting off-contact and connecting the air hoses is also easy for the conscientious "do-it-yourselfer".

3. Easy to Operate: No special talents or extensive training is required to operate the Trooper. The press is designed for simple, straightforward operation by regular screen printers. There are no "computer functions" to learn and complicated control panels to decipher. Instead, you will be printing any job you want on the Lawson Trooper within days.

4. Easy to Maintain: You don't have to worry about power-failures, spike voltage, blown fuses or loose electrical connections with the Trooper. Why? Because there are built-in electrical safety controls, no complex wiring and the print/drive system is air-operated! The Trooper is a press that utilizes the latest, and simplest, air and electrical design possible. A master-manifold system coordinates the main functions of the press while simple electrical switches ensure safe and proper sequencing of the press. We use self-lubricating air-cylinders and an automatic oilier system, a self-cleaning slide-track for all the print heads and top-quality roller bearings on each print station to ensure accurate registration.

5. Increase Production, Efficiency and Consistency: Imagine if you could increase production 4 - 6 fold, without hiring any extra staff, keep your clients happy by being able to print their larger orders, attract new business, meet all your deadlines, go home refreshed at the end of the day and put the fun back in to printing. You Can! The Trooper does all this and more. Because all the print heads work simultaneously, you automatically print, at least, this many times faster, with no additional personnel. In addition, your work is more consistent and print quality maintained throughout the production run.

6. Reduce Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome and other Repetitive-Motion Injuries:Printing by hand is inherently stressful. Tremendous hand, wrist, arm and back strength is required. To print by hand every day, for hours and hours at a time, is not only physically challenging and trying but also "dangerous" for some people.

7. Flex-Head Print Stations: Choose the exact positing of your print heads. Create either an extra flash or cool station after the first color or utilize separate load and unload stations, as you desire. You control the machine, not the machine you!

8. Expandable/Modular Design: Start with a 4-Color press and expand up to 7 colors, with ease (or 9 colors if you purchase a 10 Station Base Unit). Additional print heads install in less than 15 minutes!

9. Same-Station Print & Flash: Flash as many colors as you wish with the Trooper, without loosing any print/color capacity. The QZE-Shuttle Flash slides over the platen and beneath the screen to quickly flash any color you desire. No need to purchase a large 10 or 12 color press simply to flash between colors.

10. 18" Print Stroke: Largest print stroke in its class. An oversized print stroke, 18", adds to the versatility of the Trooper.

11. Meaningful Set-Up & Training: All our Service Technicians are former printers and have years of specialized experience helping people with the transition from manual to automatic printing. As a result, your investment in set-up and training is not just convenient and speedy but also produces profit-oriented printing results.

12. Affordable Price: Although the Trooper is the least expensive automatic in its class, it is packed with many unique features its more expensive counterparts don't even offer.

13. Frame-Size Versatility: Use almost any size frame up to 31" in length, including your existing/standard manual size frames.

14. Front & Rear Stroke Adjustment: The Trooper allows for both the front and rear stroke lengths to be set, as you desire. Most automatics only allow for the rear adjustment to be shortened. The benefit is greater versatility and enhanced print quality.

15. Micro-Registration: The micro-registration on the Trooper really works! When you move the screen left/right…it moves straight! Never worry about unwanted "cocking" or rotation of the screen again.

16. Dual-Action Squeegee: The Trooper utilizes a "dual-action" squeegee. This means two squeegees are used…one to print and one to flood. The benefits of this type of action are many.

    For example:
  • a) faster set-up…only one apparatus to insert or remove;

  • b) more control over the flood-coat ... a sharp/flexible edge vs. a rounded metal edge;

  • c) more flexibility over the flood-coat…choose the hardness and profile of the flood squeegee as you desire - 60, 70 or 80 durometer, round or sharp edge;

  • d) easier maintenance (no nicks and dings in the metal floodbar);

  • e) fewer ripped screens because of better control and greater flexibility.

17. Self-Adjusting Left/Right Pressure Balance: The Trooper automatically equalizes both the squeegee and flood pressure from side-to-side. There is one convenient pressure knob to adjust -- then Lawson's floating squeegee/flood mechanism perfectly adjusts and balances the pressure evenly across the entire screen. The benefit is a much easier and faster set-up, and more consistent prints.

18. Compact Size: Only 10' 8" in diameter. The smallest automatic with the largest print area available.

19. Hot-Line Assistance: Call anytime, day or night, weekend or holiday for hot-line assistance. Our knowledgeable service personnel have all printed before and can understand your questions. More importantly, they have answers.

20. Trade-In, Trade-Up Program: Never worry about obsolesces again! If you ever want to trade-in your Trooper, we offer a generous trade-in allowance on our larger and more sophisticated Trooper XL, PC and Trooper-12 units.

21. Backed by a Company with History: Lawson has been in business since 1949 pioneering many industry innovations and serving our customers with value-oriented equipment. "Leadership in all its aspects" best characterizes Lawson, its integrity and commitment to its customers.

22. Backed by a Company with Financial Stability: Lawson's long-established history and industry diversification also means you don't have to worry about having a valid warranty, acquiring replacement parts, receiving technical assistance or maintaining a good resale/trade-in value. Because Lawson has a solid financial foundation, you can on continued service for the life of your Lawson equipment and an enduring business relationship for many, many years.

23. Backed by a Company of People Who Care: Lawson is a family owned and operated company. Started by Gene Landesman in 1949, Lawson's quality and value oriented tradition is continued by his two sons, Ben and David. Lawson is small enough to treat both its staff and customers like family and large enough to deliver quality. As a result, we will listen to your needs and "treat you right". We understand small business, growing pains and what it takes to survive in today's business world. We are here to help, because we care!

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