HD-MAX vs. M & R Chameleon

The Lawson HD-MAX vs. the M&R Chameleon

(As of: October 4, 2005)
Substantial Differences between the Lawson HD-MAX and the M&R Chameleon:

1) The Lawson HD-MAX is only 8’ in diameter, including screens vs. the Chameleon’s 9’ diameter. Although one foot may not seem like a lot, it is a big difference, nearly 13%!

2) The Lawson HD-MAX is faster because a) smaller diameter; b) lighter deck plate; c) lighter, but equally strong, head design; d) adjustable dual-action spring tension on the raising and lowering of the print head. 

3) The HD-MAX comes standard with Side Screen Clamps while the Chameleon is a Rear Clamp press (side clamps are optional on the Chameleon). Side Clamps hold better registration and allow for greater adjustment of the screen (name drops, etc.).

4) Variable “On-the-Fly” Off Contact Adjustment on the HD-MAX allows for infinite adjustment, even after the screen has been registered!

5) Lawson’s exclusive Micro-Registration does not “jump” when it is loosened or tightened…a perennial problem with the competition.

6) Double Tapered Roller Bearings, on both the Print Head & Carousel Plate, along with the purposefully designed strong, but lightweight, HD-MAX structure ensures easy rotation. Some of our customers, who have used and/or tested both presses, have told us that the HD is at least 20% easier to spin.

7) Lawson’s Anti-Warp Platen System consists of a special composite wood and an engineered steel support system with 6 platen stabilizers to help ensure minimum warping. 

8) Lawson uses specifically designed knobs that are both easy to tighten and don’t hurt your hands when turning.

9) The HD-MAX uses a 4-Point Platen Leveling System vs. the Chameleon’s 3-point system. Our method is easier and more filmier for most customers.

10) Lawson offer an exclusive 10-Year Trade-In, Trade-Up Program…M & R does not.

11) Lawson offers a $99 Lifetime Parts Warranty on the HD-MAX. The M & R Chameleon warranty is only a 1-Year Limited Parts Warranty.

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