Panel (Eco) Frames

Panel (Eco) Frames: A Stretching & Re-Stretching System

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With the Lawson Panel Frame, you can stretch your own frame in seconds. No special skill or training required!?

A unique, fast and earth-friendly concept in mesh-to-frame installment and re-installment. The Panel Frame is the evolution of screen frames for the textile and industrial screen print industry. Screens are assembled by installment of a specially designed mesh panel utilizing a mesh tension tool. Mesh installment requires no glues or chemicals and is accomplished in less than one minute at high tension levels. Single and simple multi-color designs can be removed, stored and reinstalled for reruns.

The carbon footprint left from the stockpiles of wood and metal frames will be greatly reduced and ultimately eliminated. The assembly of the PanelFRAME requires very little space and no prior skill. The frame itself is patented and specially designed of light weight aluminum that is 100% leak tested for years of performance and use.

Note: Powder coated colors may vary and can not be selected or coordinated. Each Panel Frame Includes (1) frame and 1 set of matching lock bars (4).

Panel Frames Sizes:

20" x 24" 
20" x 28"
23" x 31" 

Panel Mesh Sizes:

A = 20" x 24"
B = 20" x 28"
B = 23" x 31"


Q: Can I reclaim the screens?
A: Yes, in fact because there is no glue involved, you can reclaim many times without having cleaning chemicals deteriorate glues, releasing the mesh from the frame.

Q: Can I remove an exposed panel and re-install for a re-print?
A: Yes, single color designs and multi color prints without crucial line butt registration can now be removed and re-installed into the frame for reprints without distorting and losing tension.

Q: Are custom sizes available?
A: Yes, lead times and minimum order requirements apply, please contact PanelFRAME or your Dealer for details.

Q: When I attempt to tension the mesh, the trac bar tends to roll up instead of sliding into position?
A: There is very little tolerance for friction, the cause of this happening is because there is some dirt, dust or grime on the frame. Simply wipe down the the frame surface with a damp cloth or a small amount of WD40 to insure the extrusion surface is free from dust. This will stop the "rolling" and allow the trac bar to slide.

Q: How much tension should I expect?
A: The tension of the mesh varies from size and mesh count. Our panels are specially constructed and continually tested and checked during all phases of manufacturing. Our panels average approximately 25 newtons when installed.

Step by Step Screen Stretching Instructions (1 page PDF)

Panel Frame Overview Instructions (3 page PDF)

Standard Features

    • n/a

Optional Features

    • The Panel Mesh Tension Tool serves a dual purpose. It is used for both the installment and removal of Mesh Panels. The larger B-TOOL works with both A size (20 x 24) and B sizes (20 x 28 and 23 x 31) frames.

      Note that the A-TOOL is NOT compatible with B size frames. The A-TOOL is for use with 20" x 24" Frames:
      The B-TOOL is for for use with 20 x 24 / 20 x 28 / 23 x 31 Frames:



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