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Aluminum Screen Frames 20" x 24" O.D.

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $29.95

All of our silk screen printing aluminum frames are manufactured at the Lawson Screen & Digital Products St. Louis, MO location. These frames fit all of the Lawson screen printing equipment, and can be re-used, re-mesh, or part of our exchange program.

The 20" x 24" Aluminum Screen Printing Frames are included in our screen printing start up packages, and is the most popular size. There are multiple mesh counts you can have in this frame.

Aluminum Frames 20" x 24" O.D.

  • Aluminum frames are about 1 pound lighter than wood.
  • Machine stretched and glued.
  • Top quality European mono-filament mesh is used to stretch.
  • Meter controlled tension
  • In-stock for same day shipping

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