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WOW-808 Forest Green


/ Vendor: Multi-Tech

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Multi-Tech WOW-808 Forest Green Wet-on-Wet Plastisol Ink
Every monitor is different so do not use this color for exact matching.

Multi-Tech Logo

The Wet-on-Wet Plastisol Ink Series is designed for wet-on-wet printing. You can print with it either on a manual or automatic screen printing press. It’s a soft-hand formulation specifically designed to provide cleaner and brighter inks with a more brilliant color, an ultra soft-hand feel, and a smooth finish. It is ready-for-use right out of the bucket. In addition it is easy to intermix colors, has super elongation and has an exceptionally long shelf life.

Features and Tips
Finish: Hi-Gloss
Opacity: Semi-Transparent
Bleed Resistance: None
Mileage: Excellent. Approximately 800 to 1750 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on ink deposit and screen mesh.
Drying: 310°F - 350°F for 1.5-2 minutes.
Fabrics: All types. For soft-hand coverage, use 196 to 305 monofilament.
Stencils: All types of direct or indirect film systems can be used.
Wash-ups: Use Thinner DT or any conventional plastisol wash-up systems.