Water Resistant Inkjet Paper for Film Positives

Lawson Screen & Digital

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Lawson's Premium Water Proof Inkjet Transparency Film for ALL Epson Screen Printing Film Printers!

Use pigment inks, K3 or Dye-based inks. Specially coated 5mil clear film that absorbs pigment and dye inkjet ink, and controls the shape of fine lines and half tone dots. Lawson's film positives are the best way to create dark and dense transparencies for perfect screen exposure.

Lawson waterproof inkjet film is only coated on one side. Print on the coated, matte side of the Epson screen print film for proper use. To tell which side is coated: wet your finger and touch the film - it will stick to the coated side.

We recommend using this premium waterproof film with the best printers for silk screen positives, such as an Epson P-800 or T-3270, and can be purchased in sheets or rolls. 

**Do not use this film in your laser printer. Click here for great deals on laser film.