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    Wall Mount (44" x 43"x 12") 20 Gallon Size Cabinet

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    • $1,049.00


    The Wall Mount (44" x 43"x 12") 20 Gallon Size Cabinet Keeps Hazardous Liquids Out Of Sight

    Two-Door Cabinets

    Designed and manufactured to conform to NFPA standards and OSHA regulations for the storage of flammable and combustible liquids.
    Double-wall construction. 1 1/2" air space. 3-point lock. Four leveler feet. 2" leak-proof sill.
    Yellow enamel. Dual 2" vents.

    Wall/bench cabinet is ideal for storing small containers without taking up extra floor space. Mounts easily on wall or bench top. Five adjustable shelves can store up to 20 gallons of Class 1 flammable. Vent openings in back wall permit venting to exhaust system.

    600-240-1-EA .......... $1,049.00 Freight is Additional.