VC-Stainless Filtration System

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    The Lawson VC-Stainless Filtration System is a green product that removes harmful waste from the screen cleaning process. It protects your plumbing and the environment by filtering out contaminants like emulsion, tape, ink particles and other harmful solids. Water from your washout sink flows through a multi-stage filtration management system, specifically designed to trap harmful solids and particulate matter from entering your plumbing and your drainage system. 

    The filtration management system works by filtering water through a triple-tiered filters to output the cleanest water possible. First, the water goes through a coarse mesh screen to immediately remove large particles. The water then flows through a media filter and a fine mesh screen before flowing into the holding tank where it automatically triggers the high powered sump pump. 

    This design is superior to other filtration devices because the media filter is cheaper and easier to clean than cartridge/cylindrical style filters. Additionally, everything is easily visible, allowing you to see when it is time to clean the filter. Without this visual reminder, your filtration device might not be working properly. 

    The VC-Filtration unit is mounted on industrial caster, so the unit is easy to roll under your washout or reclaiming sink.

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