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    UV CURE Plus - UV Radiometer

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    • $1,696.20


    UV Radiometer for testing UV light output for screen print/drying applications

    • Truly compact: 4.60" (117 mm) diameter
      - same as a CD!
    • Self-contained, battery powered
    • Total UV energy density, Joules/cm2
    • Peak UV irradiance, Watts/cm2
    • UV ranges - choice of UVA, UVB, UVC, UVV
    • Low battery indicator
    • User replaceable lithium batteries
    • Measure UV curing system performance
    • Determine UV lamp efficiency
    • Establish UV level for proper curing
    • Meet ISO 9000 requirements

    Screen Printing UV Cure Plus RadiometerThe UVICURE Plus is a self-contained, electro-optic instrument designed to measure and display peak UV irradiance and total UV energy density applied to a workpiece in a UV curing system. The UVICURE Plus has a unique compact design, only 4.60 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch high, which allows it to be placed directly in most curing environments. The instrument operates successfully in the extremes of UV and thermal radiation often encountered in UV curing systems.

    A carefully designed optical sensing system measures total UV dosage in a particular bandwidth. The output is converted to a digital form and then displayed on the LCD. Total UV energy density, measured in Joules/cm2, is the result of the integrated irradiance during exposure time. It is how much actual UV energy was impinged on the unit from the time it encountered UV until the time the UV source was removed. The UVICURE Plus also has the distinct advantage of being able to monitor the peak irradiance in Watts/cm2. This allows the operator to determine not only the total energy density, but also how that energy density is delivered; i.e., at what irradiance.

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