The Ultimate Card

Lawson Screen & Digital Products

  • $51.83

The Ultimate Card is a polyethylene coated and impregnated biodegradable cardboard. It is stiff and strong and makes "carding" out plastisol ink from your screen or off your squeegee easier and safer. These cards won't dull or nick your squeegee and won't rip your screens. They are chemical resistant and are designed with a special impression to make curving the card suit your cleaning needs without breaking.

Not only do they clean ink from squeegees and frames, but scoops out emulsion from emulsion coaters as well. Designed with a double bump and scored edge, this gives you the ability to easily fold the card to create a scoop shape to fit perfectly into the coater.


  • Wipe off Plastisol Ink Faster
  • Less ink is wasted
  • Spreads adhesive on pallets
  • Inexpensive
  • Disposable/ Biodegradable
  • Replaces costly metal and plastic spatulas, goop scoops and other cleanup tools that require cleaning. 

Sold by the case. 1500 cards in a case.