Ulano Sta-Sharp S3S Water Resistant Film and Adhering Liquid


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    Ulano Sta-Sharp S3S Water Resistant Film and Adhering Liquid | No Shrinking

    Ulano Sta-Sharp S3S Film is a lacquer-based, water-resistant knife-cut stencil film for making screens.  It adheres to the mesh with Sta-Sharp Adhering Liquid and is for use with all inks except lacquer, vinyl and plastisol.  Knifecut films won't shrink or expand because of the backing sheet and once adhered to the mesh it will come off quickly, in one piece.  Sta-Sharp S3S is a fast cutting, fast peeling, green colored film on .003" polyester backing. S3S StaSharp adheres fast, has excellent stick-back qualities for easy corrections. Easy to see through and when you lay it down and it stays flat for perfect contact. Shelf-life for this product is 2 years.

    Note: Ulano has reformulated Sta-Sharp S3S Knifecut Film and its companion product, Sta-Sharp Adhering Liquid, so that both are now free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  Reformulated S3S should only be used with reformulated Sta-Sharp Adhering Liquid; otherwise, you will not be able to make stencils!  Please double check that you are using film and adherent that are compatible.

    *Film and liquid sold separately 

    The liquid is UPS HAZARDOUS MATERIAL $35.00 extra charges will apply. UPS Ground ONLY

    Additional Information
    Click here for Sta-Sharp Adhering Liquid MSD Sheet
    Click here for Sta-Sharp S3S Knife-cut Film MSD Sheet