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Ulano Screen Filler No. 65


/ Vendor: Ulano

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We recommend Lawson's Red Coat Blockout for a better, less expensive product.

Ulano Screen Filler No. 65 | All Mesh

A non-flammable, water-soluble, vibrant blue, block-out for use with fine to medium mesh counts.

Can be used full strength for touch-ups or thinned with water if desired. Can be used in non-ventilated rooms since it contains no organic solvents.

*Recommended for use on all mesh, with all stencil systems. Use only with non-aqueous inks.


Color: Blue
VOCs: None
Storage at room temperature 68-75°F (20 - 25ºC): 2 years in original container. Air dries, so keep the cap on.
Disposal: Blue Screen Filler No. 65 is biodegradable and can be emptied down drains safely.
Flash point: not applicable - no solvents

Instructions for all Screen Fillers

  • Before printing, completely air dry screen filler the same way you would dry your stencil.
  • Use Extra Heavy Blockout No. 10 for easier handling, for coverage with a single coating or with coarse mesh.
  • For direct emulsion and CDF Direct-Film stencils: Pour a small amount onto the border area of the fully processed and dried stencil on the printing side of the screen. Scrape it evenly into the mesh, using a piece of cardboard or plastic. Apply a second, "reinforcing" coat to the squeegee side of the screen, if necessary.
  • For Indirect System stencils: For best register and a strong "knit" between stencil and screen filler, apply the screen filler, as above, when the screen mesh is dry, but before the indirect film is completely dry. Apply the screen filler to the printing side of the screen, going over the edges of the backing sheet.
  • For touch-ups: Use full strength or thin with tap water and touch up as needed with either end of an artist's brush.
  • To remove: After ink removal, but before stencil removal, dissolve with water.
  • Air dries, so keep the cap on.

Additional Information
No. 65 Screen Filler Blockout Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet