Ulano Screen Printing No2 Microgrit Powder | Lawson Screen & Digital

Ulano No. 2 Microgrit Powder


  • $36.23

Roughening increases the surface area of synthetic fabrics for a better mechanical bond with indirect films and direct emulsions; for better fabric water retention for the adhering of CDF® direct-films; and for extended stencil life with any stencil system. The particles in Microgrit No. 2 are fine enough (18-20 microns) to pass through even the smallest mesh openings. Do not use Microgrit No. 2 on natural silk.

  • Dampen the screen with water.
  • Sprinkle Microgrit No. 2 liberally on the printing side of the screen.
  • Rub the Microgrit No. 2 back and forth vigorously with a wet, stiff, short-bristle nylon brush over the entire printing side. Or, rub a damp, natural fiber rag back and forth across the printing side of the fabric until the rag begins to fray.
  • Thoroughly rinse the screen with water from both sides, including the frame and frame corners.
  • Degrease the screen with Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3 before attempting to make a stencil. For the convenience of roughening and degreasing in a single step, and especially for larger screens, use Ulanogel 23.