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Ulano Indirect Film DVD


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Ulano Screen Printing Indirect Film DVDIndirect Films, sometimes referred to as transfer films, are ideal for applications involving shorter (2,000 - 4,000 impressions) printing runs, fine details, and excellent definition; and for easy, reproducible, clean stencil production

All Indirect System Photographic Films consist of a light-sensitive emulsion affixed to a transparent base, or backing sheet, with special adhesives. Indirect Films are exposed, developed, washed out and then adhered to a screen.

Indirect films offer superior fine detail reproduction; sharp printing edges; uniform stencil thickness; predictable standardized exposures; close control of stencil thickness, hence ink deposit; fast and simple stencil production; and easy stencil removal for efficient fabric recovery. All gelatin-based Indirect Films are totally solvent resistant. The topcoat on Indirect Films prevents tackiness under conditions of heat and high humidity.