Ulano CDF Mesh Prep screen printing production

Ulano CDF-25 Mesh Prep


  • $55.73

Helps ensure uniform adhesion of CDF Direct Capillary Films by making the mesh hold more water. Use immediately before adhering the film.

A ready-to-use liquid mordant that promotes fabric water retention and, thus, the uniform adhesion of all Direct Films. All Mesh Prep is especially helpful for use with thin CDF® Direct Films applied to fine fabric, which inherently holds little water. All Mesh Prep No. 25 rinses easily from the screen with hot or cold water. Non-caustic - will not harm frames, fabric, or adhesives on stretch and glue frames. Recommended for use with all CDF® Direct Films. Do not use on natural silk.

  • Apply All Mesh Prep No. 25 only after the fabric has been thoroughly degreased and immediately before adhering the Direct Film.
  • Rinse both sides of the screen thoroughly with water.
  • Apply All Mesh Prep No. 25 with a medium-stiff, long bristle nylon brush to both sides of the screen.
  • Let the screen stand for one or two minutes.
  • Rinse the screen thoroughly from both sides with hot or cold water.
  • All Mesh Prep No. 25 should be used no more than one hour before adhering the film. If you do not proceed immediately to adhere the Direct Film, re-wet the screen just before adhering the film.

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