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Transfer Foils

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  • $40.19

Screen mesh: 60 to 110 Monofilament

Heat Press Specifications: 350°F, 50-60 lbs. of pressure, 10-20 seconds

Ink: A fast fusing plastisol with lower re-melt properties is desired. (Multi-Tech MC 107 Flash base perfroms wonderfully).

  1. Print the desired image on a garment and run it through your dryer in the normal manner.
  2. Put the garment on the heat transfer press image up.
  3. Cover the image with conventional heat press paper and lower the press for a few seconds. This will create a smooth surface for the foil to adhere to.
  4. Position a piece of foil (shiny side up) large enough to cover the image.
  5. Put a piece of transfer paper on top of the foil. Lower the transfer press head according to the specifications above and release.
  6. Let the transfer cool completely before peeling.
  7. Peel slowly and evenly.
  8. You can repress the image without the transfer paper if a matte finish is desired.

These settings are only suggestions. There are many different foils on the market, different plastisols and many different final applications. ALWAYS PRETEST FOR ANY APPLICATION.

Note: The transfer will last longer if it is laundered inside out and hand washed. Dry at low temperatures. Do not dry clean.

Other Styles and colors available. Please call for specialty styles and colors.