T-Jet Original Standard Shirt Holder

    T-Jet 3 ORIGINAL 13" x 18" Standard Shirt Holder

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    T-Jet 3 ORIGINAL 13" x 18" Standard Shirt Holder | T-Shirts

    With the Fast T-Jet3™ SDT-1300 you can print a full size 12" x 12" (30.5 x 30.5 cm) print in one minute on a light shirt and a black shirt with white ink under three minutes! Also, on a light shirt, you can even print a small chest print in fifteen seconds! It has a deeper bed for printing on thick items like sweatshirts and hoodies. The maximum print size is 12.5" x 22" (30.5 x 56cm). In fact it will print TWO shirts end to end. This T-Jet™ even has a laser light sensor to tell if a garment is in the way of the print head. This printer includes a very powerful graphics/design program called FastARTIST™ (PC/Windows program only).

    Easy Load Shirtholder

    Shirts are simply spread across a special non-slip shirtholder. Optional holding rings are available for hard-to-hold garments.

    Adjustable Bed Height
    You can adjust the height of the printing bed up to 2 inches (5 cm) for items of varying thickness.