Epson SureColor P900 Roll Paper Adapter

SureColor P900 Roll Paper Adapter


  • $259.00

Stop Using Sheets. Start Using Rolls With The SureColor P900 Roll Paper Adapter

The optional Roll Media Adapter for the SureColor P-900 can be installed at any time and adds flexibility to use full 2" core roll Canvas and 3" core roll. This is a great way to stop using screen printing transparency film sheets and start using rolls of film. By switching to rolls, you reduce costs by as much as 50% - helping you save money on screen printing supplies.

You can also use the roll media adapter for Fine Art, photographic and proofing media in lengths up to 100 feet. Print on roll media up to 17 inches wide in the true aspect ratio of your art; and up to 10 feet long with no margin in-between. Manual cutting required.

How it works/How to use:

1. Attach roll media adaptor to P900 printer
2. Insert roll into roll media roll media adaptor and feed through Epson P900 printer.
3. Start printing.