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sublimated target marketing sports module

Sublimation Target Marketing Sports Module #5631


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What is sublimation target marketing?
"STM" is a marketing program that helps you identify high volume customer groups while building on your existing business relations. There are two components to the STM program: the base module and the target market modules.

The base module is the foundation of the STM program. It focuses on business fundamentals, business plan development, pricing, marketing opportunities and more. Each section of the base module focuses on a different aspect of building your sublimation business. The economics section will help you to understand the true cost of sales, including substrate, ink and paper, shipping, and scrap. Plug this information into the P&L spreadsheet on the base module CD-ROM to calculate an incremental profit and loss statement.

Target Marketing Modules
The target markets and securing the sale sections will teach you how to identity and approach high volume prospects. A complete mail and telephone marketing campaign is provided to help you generate sales leads. These letters and phone scripts are provided in editable Word format on the base module CD-ROM.We've also identified and researched target markets that offer you the greatest profit potential for sublimated products, beginning with team sports. Each STM target module includes strategic information that will help you maximize that sales potential of that market:

  • Market definition and date
  • The selling process
  • Suggested products packages
  • Software tools for calculating economics
  • Professionally designed sales literature