blue and black straight edge composite durometer

Straight Edge Composite Durometer

Lawson Screen & Digital

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A soft printing tip bonded to a hard shaft. Eliminates blade roll-over and squeegee vibration on high speed automatic equipment.

Printing preference determines whether a printer chooses a single or a composite blade. Try the different squeegee blades and see if the high-tech ones are better suited to your printing style.

Square (also called Straight Edge): The square-edge squeegee blade is most often used by screen printers. It works well for standard or regular ink applications.

3/8" x 2" Straight Edge Composite Durometer.

405-108-7-IN 90/60 Durometer ...... $2.63 per inch
405-108-9-IN 90/70 Durometer ...... $2.63 per inch