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    Manual Wood Screen Printing Hand Squeegee

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    Manual Wood Screen Printing Hand Squeegee | Variety of Sizes

    Lawson Screen & Digital manufactures high quality wooden hand squeegees for screen printers in a variety of durometers. These screen printing wood squeegees are great for manual screen printing presses. Popular blade durometers are 60, 70, 80 and are available in a variety of double and triple durometer.

    All of our wooden hand screen printing squeegees are made from high quality polyurethane blades manufactured in the U.S.A.

    Determining the Best Durometer Screen Print Squeegee to Get:

    Screen printing durometer is how hard, or flexible, the squeegee rubber is. Generally speaking, a softer screen printing squeegee rubber leaves a thicker ink deposit, while a higher (and harder) durometer screen print squeegee puts less ink onto your shirt.

    • Use a 60 durometer for thin, water-based and discharge inks.
    • The 70 durometer screen printing squeegee is the most popular option and a great "all around" squeegee that can work with anything. If you do not want to worry about different durometers, get the 70.
    • A 80 durometer squeegee is very hard and good when you need a stiff squeegee blade.

    The Best Maintenance Tips for Wood Screen Printing Squeegees:

    Like any other screen printing tool, a little maintenance for your wooden manual screen printing squeegees will go a long way. Always wide your squeegee clean after you are done printing. If you use any screen printing chemicals, like an ink degradent or press wash, to clean it, make sure you dry the squeegee. 

    Store your wood squeegee in a dry place at room temperature. You want to avoid excessive heat and cold as it can affect the rubber squeegee blade.

    Over time the squeegee blade will dull and round. This will negatively affect your final print. When this occurs, you should either sharpen your squeegee blade or replace the entire squeegee.

    Note: additional charge will apply when made with telescopic bolts.

    Other sizes available on request