Squeegee Blade Material 70 Durometer

    Squeegee Blade Material 70 Durometer

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    Squeegee Blade Material 70 Durometer | By The Inch or Roll

    Squeegee Blade Material 70 Durometer is the best and most versatile screen printing squeegee rubber. Lawson's squeegee material is a premium urethane rubber designed for screen printers wanting the best screen printing squeegee blade for manual and automatic printing. Available by the inch and in a full roll (144 inches/12 feet) so you can get the perfect amount.

    Lawson's urethane squeegee blade material is formulated to resist abrasion and screen printing chemicals. Lawson squeegee blade can be added to manual or automatic screen printing handles made from wood or aluminum. This high quality screen printing squeegee blade rubber can be sharpened with a squeegee sharpener.

    Single durometer, dual durometer and triple durometer is available.

    How Do I Pick the Right Durometer? Selecting the best durometer (or hardness) for your screen printing squeegee is important for a great looking screen print. Use this guide to help select the best durometer squeegee for you.

    • 60 durometer is the softest and "flexes" the most. You should select this when you want to only put down a little ink.
    • 70 durometer is the most popular and most versatile. This is a great "all around" choice. If you are unsure, get a 70 durometer and you can't go wrong.
    • 80 durometer is the strongest and least flexible. Typically used with U.V. (ultra-violet) ink printing

    How Do I Maintain My Squeegee? Getting the best screen print depends a lot on properly maintaining your squeegee and squeegee blade material. You want to rotate your squeegee so they "wear" at approximately the same rate. This goes not only for the squeegee itself, but the side of the squeegee blade you are using. Remember, a sharp edge is the best. Make sure to always clean your squeegee and wipe it dry after use. This helps ensure it does not warp.

    How Should I Store My Squeegee? Always store your squeegees in a dry environment, out of direct sunlight, ideally at room temperature. If you are storing a finished squeegee (handle and blade material), store it flat. You do not want to store it standing up on the squeegee blade material.