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Economy Spot Cleaning Gun

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  • $113.85

This economy Spot Cleaning Gun removes unwanted plastisol ink from t-shirts and other garments. This Spot cleaner gun is preset at the factory and adjustments are generally not required.

CAUTION: The gun builds up considerable pressure. Never point the gun at yourself or other persons, as this may cause injury.


To Begin Use: Remove the container, fill with fluid (about 2/3 full) and replace. Plug into 110V 60 Hz outlet. Depress switch for 15-20 seconds to prime pump. Spray fluid onto scrap fabric to remove oil film from internal pump parts. Spray gun is now ready for use.

Adjustable Nozzle controls the discharge pressure of the cleaning fluid. This is adjusted by simply rotating the nozzle collar on the front of the gun.

Volume Control Knob at the rear of gun controls the volume of fluid dispensed. For cleaning, turn button as far left as possible: then back to right 1/2 to one revolution. Once adjustments are made to satisfactory pressure and volume setting it is not generally necessary to change them.


  1. Fluid Leakage It is necessary that all parts , particularly the nozzle head, be tight to prevent fluid working its way through the screw threads. Cleaning should be done at an angle no greater than 45° to prevent leakage from the air hole at the top of the gun. Leakage will also occur at the screw threads of the container cup if it is tilted forward for an extended period of time.
  2. Lack of Pressure The primary cause of lack of pressure occurs when the suction tube, set screw, and nozzle head are not tight and the unit is sucking air. Blockage in the pump unit or nozzle and weak/damaged springs in the pump assembly are also a cause of low pressure. A lack of pressure will also occur when the prime is lost due to excessive tilting of the gun.
  3. Operation without Fluid It is highly recommended that this unit not be operated empty since undue wear and strain is caused on all working parts. Continued use of an empty pump will cause breakage of parts and needless repairs.
  4. Lubrication The gun should not be over-lubricated. One or two drops of light machine oil used daily is sufficient to keep the pump unit in working condition. For storage or discontinued use, it is recommended that a light machine oil be pumped through the gun in the same manner as cleaning fluids for a period of 2 to 3 seconds. For start-up, cleaning fluid should run through the unit prior to operation so that any oily films are pumped through the unit and flushed out.

A warranty is not offered for this Spot Cleaning Gun.  Normally, any repairs which are needed are minor in nature and the gun can be examined for apparent minor malfunctions. This inspection will probably involve disassembly of the pump unit and perhaps removal of the housing cover for examination. In practically all cases, these minor repairs can be made quickly without significant loss of time from operation. Should there be damaged parts which must be replaced, these parts should be ordered from the seller of the gun.

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