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Split Tape For Screen Printing

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  • $5.11

Split Tape For Screen Printing |The Best Tape For The Job

This is some of the best screen printing tape on the market. Split tape has always been the best, and now it is available at a lower price. Similar to Lawson's or PMI's split tape, this split tape is the same, just without the brand name so it is less expensive.

Split Tape is designed to be used to mask out the inside ridges of aluminum frames, roller and retensionable frames, and wood frames. The blue portion of the tape is non-sticky. This goes against the frame. The strong adhesive on the white portion of the tape protects from any t-shirt printing ink and goes against the frame mesh. This sticky/non-sticky combo makes the tape easy to remove, even after the screen has been sitting around.

Available in 2 inches and 3 inches widths. Always store in a clean and dry area at room temperature (avoid direct sunlight), and avoid humidity extremes.

Sold per roll or by the case.
Tape is 2 mils thick.

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