Specialty Materials ThermoFlex Plus For Knit Fabrics 15" x 5 Yard Roll

    Specialty Materials

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    Specialty Materials ThermoFlex Plus For Knit Fabrics 15" x 5 Yard Roll | The One Professionals Choose

    Compare the ease of weeding and applying ThermoFlex™ Plus vinyl with competitive products and discover why so many professionals ask for it by name. ThermoFlex™ Plus a durable polyurethane based material that is highly flexible. A soft hand and strong grip.

    ThermoFlex™ Plus vinyl is available in fifty-three (53) colors with a matte finish to match popular team colors including Metallic Gold, Silver, Copper & Bronze, with five (5) Bright Neons, eight (8) Metal Flake colors and six (6) new Glossy colors. ThermoFlex™ Plus Metal Flakes in Gold, Titanium, White, Silver, Blue, Green, Pink and Red.

    ThermoFlex™ Plus can be applied in layers with exception of the Neon Colors. Neon colors cannot have things adhered on top of them. However, they can be adhered on of any other color.

    Additional Information
    Click for Printable: How to use ThermoFlex Plus

    •   PLS-9100 White
    •   PLS-9150 Storm Grey
    •   PLS-9236 Black
    •   PLS-9301 Red
    •   PLS-9305 Dusty Rose
    •   PLS-9307 Medium Pink
    •   PLS-9310 Hot Pink
    •   PLS-9312 Crimson
    •   PLS-9315 Flame Red
    •   PLS-9333 Orange
    •   PLS-9335 Tangerine
    •   PLS-9340 Texas Orange
    •   PLS-9350 Maroon
    •   PLS-9426 Athletic Gold
    •   PLS-9450 Medium Yellow
    •   PLS-9460 Vegas Gold
    •   PLS-9465 Ochre
    •   PLS-9472 Lemon Yellow
    •   PLS-9513 Navy Blue
    •   PLS-9522 Royal Blue
    •   PLS-9540 Teal
    •   PLS-9562 Sky Blue
    •   PLS-9564 Sapphire
    •   PLS-9576 Columbia Blue
    •   PLS-9577 Lilac
    •   PLS-9584 Royal Purple
    •   PLS-9587 Wine
    •   PLS-9601 Aqua Green
    •   PLS-9625 Apple Green
    •   PLS-9633 Kelly Green
    •   PLS-9669 Olive Drab
    •   PLS-9676 Forest Green
    •   PLS-9729 Vanilla Cream
    •   PLS-9789 Chocolate Brown
    •   PLS-9834 Antique Silver*
    •   PLS-9843 Old Gold*
    • PLS-9848 Metal Flake White*
    • PLS-9858 Metal Flake Silver*
    • PLS-9868 Metal Flake Gold*
    • PLS-9878 Metal Flake Red*
    • PLS-9888 Metal Flake Blue*
    • PLS-9898 Metal Flake Green*
    •   PLS-9910 Neon Pink*
    •   PLS-9920 Neon Yellow*
    •   PLS-9930 Neon Orange*
    •   PLS-9940 Neon Green*

    ** Colors with stars will NOT layer


    ThermoFlex Instructions

      1. Create your design in graphics software, such as Corel Draw and mirror the image in the effects menu.
      2. Load ThermoFlex® Plus onto your plotter.
    • Always test cut to ensure proper depth, speed and down force.
    • Cut in mirror image.
    • Weed film from carrier that you do not want to transfer.
    • Place image on the surface to which you are transferring the film
    • Place a Teflon sheet between the heat platen and the polyester carrier sheet to prevent sticking and edge damage to the transferred design.
    • Heat press between 330° F - 335° F for 17-20 seconds using firm even pressure.
    • If ThermoFlex® Plus only partially adheres to the fabric it is usually because insufficient or uneven pressure was applied. If this happens, reposition the design, increase the pressure and repress.
    • Peel warm or cold. It is much easier to peel while still warm but for consistent results allow at least 10 seconds of cooling time before peeling. For greater durability, cover with a Teflon sheet and repress for 10 seconds.
    • Turn garment inside out before washing. Wash in warm to hot water. You can tumble dry ThermoFlex® Plus decorated garments on high heat without the transfer film sticking to itself.
    • ThermoFlex® Plus is very durable and if properly applied, will last for the life of the garment.
    • You can apply ThermoFlex® Plus to cotton, polyester, blends, Spandex, Lycra, wool and linen. ThermoFlex® Plus will NOT adhere to nylon.

    ThermoFlex® Plus will also adhere to itself. You can build complex designs by applying ThermoFlex® Plus in multiple layers.

    Create plotter file in mirror image ThermoFlexPlus

    Create plotter file in mirror image.

    Cut mirror image on plotter ThermoFlexPlus

    Cut mirror image on plotter

    Weed Design ThermoFlexPlus

    Weed Design

    Position weeded design on shirt ThermoFlexPlus

    Position weeded design on shirt

    Place Teflon sheet or silicon release sheet over design

    Place Teflon sheet or silicon release sheet over design

    Apply Pressure ThermoFlexPlus

    Medium Pressure 330 °F - 335 °F for 17-20 seconds

    Rub design with chalkboard

    Rub design with pad or chalkbaord eraser while still hot to dissipate heat

    Remove Backing

    Remove backing after cooling. Repeat process for 2nd layer

    Completed design

    Completed shirts