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    Smart Designer X3 Software: Add-on Design Module for CorelDRAW 12 and X3

    Turn CorelDRAW 12 or X3 into an Industry Specific Graphics System

    Smart Designer X3 is a revolutionary software that enhances the capabilities of CorelDRAW 12 or X3. With Smart Designer X3 installed, over 110 new menus are added to CorelDRAW. Each new feature is designed to both automate and simplify the process of designing and producing graphics. Smart Designer X3 transforms CorelDRAW from a general graphics program into an industry specific graphics system for screen printing, sign making, direct to garment printing, sublimation printing, laser engraving, embroidery and promotional products.


    • Templates and Layouts
    • Smart Designer Templates: Creates designs automatically by combining text, clip art and stock layouts.
    • Property Editor: Turn any design into a Smart Template and easily edit or change text values or clip art
    • Product Blanks: Places selected design on a product template or sales sheet layout
    • Athletic Tails: Instantly create athletic tails and integrate text effects
    • Class Names: Inserts a list of class names into a date or shape

    Import Art

    • Clip Art Browser: Manages all clip art content on your computer including special importing features.
    • Favorites: Instantly import a clip art image or place a design on a product template with a click of the mouse

    Printing and Cutting

    • Insert Separation Marks: Insert separation marks for printing or cutting
    • Print Flash Base: Prints solid or halftone underbase for screen printing on dark garments


    • Create Contour: Automatically create a cuttable contour around a vector graphic for print and cut applications
    • Create Split Front: Divide designs into separate panels with overlapping seams for split front jersey applications


    • Text Effects: Automatically create text effects including inlines, outlines, drop shadows, circle text, and more
    • Edge Effects: Instantly apply bitmap effects to vector objects to create frames or borders
    • Overlays: Instantly apply a variety of weathered looking overlays to any graphic to create a worn appearance


    • Swap Colors: Sophisticated tool for swapping or grouping colors

    Workspace and Options

    • Change Workspace: Change Workspaces inside CorelDRAW
    • Attach a New Program: Attaches any open program as a tabbed workspace that can be instantly accessed