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blank Signs of Life Traditional Shape

Signs of Life Traditional Shape #5818 (Special Order Item)


  • $8.91

11.5" x 15.4"

Signs have been around since the beginning of civilization. One can say that cave man drawings are signs. Signs naturally fulfill the needs of:


  • Communicating a business's products and services
  • Communicating what one's interests are
  • Commemorating an event in one's life

But until now no one could make use of today's tools to make top shelf, full color, personalized signs for many applications. Unisub has done just that with the launching of their Signs of Life Collection. The blanks are made from 0.25 thick tempered hardboard high gloss, shaped using state-of-the-art industrial lasers, and arrive packed out with plastic peel and stick hangers. You can chose from four shapes to add a personalized touch to your customer's home or office or start with a Starter Kit.