Standard T-Shirt Screen Printing Platens

Lawson Screen Printing Composite T-Shirt Platens

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $96.00

Lawson Screen Printing Composite T-Shirt Platens Fit All Lawson Screen Printing Machines

These Lawson Screen & Digital screen printing platens are designed to fit all Lawson screen printing machines. No matter if you have an older Lawson screen printing presses or a brand new one, these pallets will let you screen print onto different sizes t-shirts. Match the size of the platen to your garment size and print area.

Custom designed pallets are also available. For specialized screen printing platens, please call (314) 382-9300.

These Lawson pallets fit the following manual screen printing machines: the HD, HD-Max, Scout, Beta and Alpha. They also fit the following automatic screen printing machines: Mini-Max, Mini-Trooper XL, Mini-Trooper PC, Trooper XL and Trooper PC.

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